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What Makes You Beautiful?

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Beauty and Health

plastic surgerySociety and culture have many ways of determining physical attractiveness. According to specialists and plastic surgeons in Virginia Beach and across the globe, you can measure beauty through averageness, facial symmetry, and youthfulness. As thousands of people try to meet these standards, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that there were over 15 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the country in 2013.

Here are the top five plastic surgical procedures in Virginia Beach and the rest of the country:

Breast Augmentation

Research shows that the average age of patients undergoing this procedure is 34 years old. Majority of these patients reported improvements on their quality of life and confidence after getting the surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery makes the eyes look more alert and rested, as it removes excess fat deposits on the upper or lower eyelids. Apart from improving your looks, this procedure gets rid of sagging or loose skin that disturbs the upper eyelid’s natural contours, which may affect your vision. It also corrects droopiness of the lower eyelids.


Deep creases on your face and sagging or loose skin are visible signs that you’re getting old. While aging is a natural process, you don’t have to let it show on your face. With facelift, you can age beautifully and maintain a youthful appearance.


As you age, it gets more difficult to lose excess fat in the body. Liposuction targets fat deposits in specific areas, such as the abdomen, upper arms, and hips. The procedure improves the contours of your body and enhances self-image.

Nose Reshaping

The nose is a notable facial feature. Many people want to change the appearance of their nose to improve facial symmetry. Nose reshaping can alter the size, position, and shape of your nostrils. You can achieve a balanced look by changing the size of your nose in relation to your overall facial profile.

While physical attractiveness may affect self-esteem and your way of life, remember that beauty is only skin deep. To be truly beautiful, make sure you have an awesome personality to go with your looks. As Coco Chanel said, “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

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Researchers Question Effectiveness Of Flu Drugs

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Beauty and Health

A team of researchers from a non-profit organization in the UK questions the effectiveness of Relenza and Tamiflu, antiviral drugs stockpiled by governments in the event of a global flu outbreak. The researchers from Cochrane Collaboration said the drugs may cause more harm than good.

The team reviewed 170,000 pages of clinical-trial data from GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK), maker of Relenza, and Roche Holding AG (ROG), which sells Tamiflu.


The US and the UK stockpiled Relenza and Tamiflu following the outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu in 2009. The former has spent $1.3 billion, while the latter 424 million pounds ($710 million).

The researchers found out that Tamiflu reduced flu symptoms in adults for 17 hours, but didn’t decrease the number of hospitalizations. It also caused delirium, vomiting, and loss of kidney function in some patients.

No evidence

There was no credible evidence that using the drugs could stop a massive outbreak, the researchers said. They added that money spent by governments “has been thrown down the drain.”

“Drug companies have an irreducible conflict of interest,” Fiona Godlee, editor-in-chief of the journal BMJ, which published the study, said. “It’s not in their interest to create a clear picture of a drug.”

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Seven Fruit And Veg A Day: A Diet That Can Save Lives

Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Beauty and Health

A new study reiterates the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, claiming that a healthy diet can reduce the risk of death from heart attack and stroke.

Live longer

The researchers said seven portions a day would prolong lives, and it’s never too late to increase the amount.

“The clear message here is that the more fruit and vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to die – at any age,” said lead researcher Dr Oyinlola Oyebode in a statement.

This adds to the number of evidence that the road to health is paved with plants.

Forget five-a-day

The University College London researchers analyzed a data of 65,226 men and women. They studied the participant’s diet and lifestyle through questionnaires and nurse visits.

Everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy, but they don’t know that the amount they eat can also play a major role.

Experts argue that the more you eat the better. This  contradicts to what the government says that “five-a-day” is enough because many people struggle to achieve even this.

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Get in Shape: Lose Belly Fat Comments Off

Get in Shape: Lose Belly Fat

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Stretch!

Belly fat is one of the most dangerous types of fat. According to health experts, a big waistline puts you in an increased risk of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Research also suggests that belly fat is an active organ in the body that churns out hormones and inflammatory substances. Learn how to get rid of stubborn belly fat with these tips.

Get More Sleep

A full night’s rest is important to achieve and keep a healthy body shape. If you always stay up late, you disrupt your body’s natural biorhythm. Lack of sleep changes your hormone production, which affects your cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity and lead to belly fat.

Healthy Diet

The key to fighting belly fat includes eating healthy. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat. Replace your sugar-loaded snacks with healthy ones. If you’re craving ice cream, for instance, choose a frozen fruit variety instead. While healthier options cost more, they are definitely healthier and better for your body.


Engage in a cleanse diet a couple of times a year to release your body’s stored toxins. As there are plenty of ways to cleanse, choose a method recommended by your doctor. An organic or plant-based diet is a great away to allow your body to detoxify.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can help tighten loose skin. Resistance exercise like squats is helpful to strengthen the muscles in your thighs and bottom. Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, swimming, and aerobics are also recommended. Exercise is also helpful for maintaining a slim body after a cosmetic weight loss surgery like liposuction.

Drink More Water

Water is important in regulating your metabolic rate and your body’s fat-burning mechanism. Drink the recommended eight glasses of water daily to make your exercise and healthy eating efforts more effective. Moreover, drinking more water helps you flush out excess toxins.

Apart from these tips, cosmetic surgeries like liposuction and tummy tuck are also considered. This procedure gets rid of the unsightly bulges in the belly, thighs, and legs. Make sure to consult your doctor first to know more about the pros and cons of the procedure.

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Health Victory: WHO Declares Southeast Asia Polio-Free Comments Off

Health Victory: WHO Declares Southeast Asia Polio-Free

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in The Public Health, What's On The Plate?

Vaccination-polio-indiaThe World Health Organization (WHO) has declared countries in southeast Asia polio-free, so 80% of the world is now officially free of the disease.

Remarkable achievement

The certification, which is being hailed a “historic milestone,” comes after India officially had a three-year track record without a single case of polio.

“This was a problem the region was struggling with for a long time, but now finally, we are polio-free,” said Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, WHO South East Asia regional director, in a statement.

The WHO includes India as part of Southeast Asia, but excludes Afghanistand, Pakistan, and Nigeria, where the deadly disease is still widespread.

Global health success

Southeast Asia is the fourth of six WHO regions to be certified polio-free.

“This is very significant because before this region was certified polio-free, we had half the world’s population polio-free,” Singh explained. “With the South East Asia region being added we now have 80% of the population polio-free.”

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WHO Estimates 7M Deaths Due To Air Pollution In 2012

Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in Beauty and Health

Figures from the World Health Organization estimate that seven million deaths in 2012 stemmed from the drawbacks of air pollution.

‘Largest single environmental health risk’

The data equate to one in eight people dying due to air pollution, specifically complications like cardiovascular diseases stemming from it. The WHO has labelled air pollution as “the world’s largest single environmental health risk.”

Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific regions had the most counts with almost six million deaths.

Indoor air pollution caused the death of 3.3 million, while 2.6 million deaths were linked to outdoor air pollution, majority of which happened in low- and mid-income countries in the said regions.

‘Far greater than previously thought’

“The risks from air pollution are now far greater than previously thought or understood, particularly for heart disease and strokes. Few risks have a greater impact on global health today than air pollution. The evidence signals the need for concerted action to clean up the air we all breathe,” said WHO public health, environmental and social determinants of health department director Dr. Maria Neira.

The WHO recommended fast and immediate action in reducing air pollution, which could potentially save millions of lives.

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