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Go Organic: The Healthier Way to Eat 0

People buy fruits and vegetables not knowing the chemicals used to farm them. There are lots of hidden costs associated with eating intensively farmed food. Find out why your family should go organic and support sustainable farming methods. Since its revival in the 1990s, organic food is growing in

The Tooth Hurts: 3 Ways Your Teeth Are Making You Look Older 0

Good teeth aren’t just good for eating and scoring a date. It could also make you look younger. Most people perceive one’s age, not just on the fine lines or wrinkles drawn in the face, but also on the condition of teeth. It’s no secret that as people age,

Appearance Matters in Improving Self-Confidence 0

Your health is a big factor in making a successful life and career. You need to make sure your health is in good hands so you could put your best foot forward. That often entails making sure you have a health plan, which includes diet, exercise, and a presentable

Why Dementia Patients Keep Misplacing Things 0

Everyone makes the occasional mistake of misplacing things, but for dementia patients, it’s an everyday reality that they need to face. Caregivers would often find themselves looking at a remote control in the fridge or car keys in the dishwasher. It’s not only frustrating for dementia patients who don’t

How Many Americans Have Rheumatoid Arthritis? 0

Every year, hundreds of Americans seek rheumatoid arthritis care in facilities such as RedRiver Health and Wellness Center, but this number may just be a fraction of how many are truly suffering from this autoimmune disease. How Many Have RA in the U.S.? Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition characterized

The Risks of Dental Sedation for Children 0

Many children get agitated when they go to the dentist. This is understandable. Many adults feel the same way. When children become unmanageable, some dentists suggest dental sedation to calm them down. The problem is dental sedation can be risky for some children. The next time your child’s teeth

Skin Problems: The Various Kinds of Pimples You May Experience 0

They probably first appeared during puberty, and everyone figured that they would clear off with time. Pimples, or acne, can be unsightly primarily on one’s face. They start with clogged up pores, and they go as far as adversely influencing one’s self-esteem. For other people, they appear seasonally, perhaps

How to Go Gluten-Free Even During a Road Trip 0

Going on a road trip while you are on a gluten-free diet or lifestyle change is actually way easier than riding a plane and trying to keep up with the said lifestyle. You actually have more space to fit all of your gluten-free food and snacks, plus, there are

Types of Thyroid Function Tests 0

The thyroid gland primarily secretes thyroxine (T4), which plays a vital role in brain development, digestion, and bone maintenance. For it to work in the body, it has to be converted to triiodothyronine in the liver, and the thyroid-stimulating hormone controls the process. When thyroxine is low in the

5 Good Reasons to Visit a Dentist Before Cancer Treatment 0

Over 1 in 3 people with cancer develop oral health complications. Cancer patients are accordingly advised to visit a dentist before their first cancer treatment. Here are good reasons to visit a dentist before cancer treatment. A Dental Checkup Can Help You Feel Better Cancer treatment can cause several