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Dentists, Here’s How to Meet the Needs of Your Patients and Grow Your Business 0

Beautiful smile. Dazzling smiles. Movie star smile. The ubiquity of such statements shows why people have deep running concerns about their smile. In most cases, they are trying to live up to the expectations of a society that values a great smile. While some people are gifted with a

How to Live a Simple and Happy Life — Warts and All 0

As society becomes more fixed on good grooming, people become more conscious about their looks. Just ask any plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City. The constant barrage of picture-perfect models with flawless skin and bikini bodies everywhere you turn doesn’t help matters either. You’ll find them on TV, the internet,

Peripheral Vascular Disease and How to Recognize It 0

If you have Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), your blood vessels will narrow and cause a decrease in blood flow. As a result, the blood flow to the organs, limbs and the rest of the body is reduced consequently limiting the supply of oxygen in the body. Venous peripheral vascular

4 Interesting Facts about Anorexia You Probably Didn’t Know 0

You may have heard of Anorexia Nervosa, but how much do you know about it? Understanding this illness can help you avoid it, overcome it, or help someone who is silently going through it. Here are four top facts about anorexia nervosa that you probably didn’t know. Anyone can

5 Steps to Improving Your Employee Benefits Management 0

Managing your employee benefit strategies can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t have a full HR department yet. And you know that as a business owner, this is a crucial part of your business. Every company needs benefit administration solutions that will make it easier for

Why Offering More Benefits Could Solve a Shortage of Truck Drivers 0

It’s common knowledge that some drivers are paid based on their driven miles. This can already dissuade people to apply for a job, with road congestion in many roads indicating that they would need to spend more time behind the wheel just to earn a decent amount. U.S. trucking

An Overview of Periodontal Cleaning Procedures 0

More than 70% of people worldwide suffer from the periodontal disease in different degrees according to expert research. This condition affects gum tissues and in advanced cases your jawbone. Gingivitis refers to the mildest form of the condition, whereas periodontitis is its severe form. One preventive measure against periodontal

Understanding Palliative Care: Here’s What You Need to Know 0

No one can prepare you for the stress and fear of coping with a loved one who has cancer or any other life-threatening condition. As a family member and a caregiver, you have a big responsibility to provide the needs of your loved one. Cancer and other potentially-fatal diseases

The Most Common Causes of Eye Gunk 0

“Sleep” in the eyes is usually harmless. However, a change in color, consistency, and quantity of eye gunk may be a prompt to visit your trusted vision clinic in Maple Grove right away. Here are some eye health issues associated with abnormal eye gunk: Pinkeye Pink eye is a common eye

Jump Off the Weight-Loss Plateau in 3 Steps 0

All your weight loss efforts can hit a snag if you plateau. A weight-loss plateau means you stop losing weight, even when you have been eating right and exercising enough in a fitness center. reminds, however, that you still have an obligation to pursue fitness. Even if you do plateau you