3 Common Reasons for Hair Loss

Woman surprised at her hair lossAlopecia, which is more known as simply hair loss, is quite common in the UK. In fact, according to experts, approximately 50 percent of women above the age of 65 years old suffer from some form of baldness. The same thing can be said about the men.

There are many types of hair loss, and there are many people who get hair transplants every year costing them between £1,000 and £30,000 depending on the case. If you’re suffering from hair loss and checking out hair transplant experts like Fue Clinics in Glasgow, here are three common reasons behind the condition.


Many male-pattern and female-pattern baldness cases are commonly due to heredity. Sometimes, it can happen slowly. In fact, it can be quite difficult to predict when it can happen but for men, it can occur as early as puberty. For most women, it can be in the form of thinning hair. As for men, the most common male-pattern baldness happens in the form of receding hairline.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can lead to hair loss, one of which is called trichotillomania. People who suffer from this medical condition cannot control the irresistible desire to pull their hair. It could be the hair from their scalp, their eyebrows, underarm, or any other body part. Medical conditions such as scalp infections, hypothyroidism, malnutrition, Acute Stress Disorder, skin infections, and other hormonal changes can also lead to either temporary or long-term hair loss.

Physical Stress

Yes, that’s right. Any form of physical stress can make you lose your hair. This could be in the form of an auto accident, flue, physical trauma, surgery, even pregnancy. The hair loss can be temporary or long-term, even permanent.

Save Your Hair

If you noticed any change in your hair growth, consult a doctor and get the diagnosis and treatment you need. But for those who have already been diagnosed with any form of hair loss, you can check out treatments such as hair transplant to help save your hair and grow it back.