4 Eye Conditions That Tell About You

Persons eyesThe eyes have a significant role to a person’s human body as much it has to everyone’s existence. Without them, it will be hard to see, interpret and express many things in life. They also allow people to reflect on emotions and feelings. Imagine living life without the sense of sight.

Aside from these, there are far more interesting things your vision can tell you. One of them is your health and well-being.

Here’s a list to name a few.

1. Swollen, puffy, and itchy eyes are possible signs of irritation or allergic reaction. You don’t need to visit an eye clinic in Maple Grove MN to know there’s something wrong. Having this condition is usually due to extended exposure to pollutants and other foreign substances in the air. On extreme cases, especially when not addressed immediately, this may cause dry eyes or pose severe damage to your vision.

2. Dilated pupils can mean serious eye problems. Normally, the pupils dilate (widen) when it’s dark to allow a greater passage of light. It’s the eyes way of make adjustments on certain conditions. However, if it remains dilated even in the presence of good lighting, this abnormality can mean something more, like early symptoms of hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma, etc.

3. Red dots or spots in your eyes could be a sign of diabetes. These blotches occur when a blocked and swollen blood vessel suddenly bursts out. When not treated immediately, it may potentially harm your sense of sight or, in worse cases, may lead to blindness.

4. A sudden blur in vision paired with dizziness means your body is experiencing irregular blood flow. This sensation is commonly felt when there’s an abrupt change in temperature, from cold to hot or vice-versa. The most alarming part, however, is it could be a warning sign of a stroke.

The eyes can tell so much more about yourself. If you care enough about your health, be sure to take good care of your pair, and you’ll end up enjoying your life even more.