A Full Head of Hair Makes Men More Attractive: The Study

Handsome Man Making SelfieWhilst celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham are certainly sexy and attractive, bald men should not be too quick to celebrate. These stars may be hailed for their rugged and manly appeal, but it does not seem to be much of a turn-on for every woman, as studies showed that the ladies still find men with a full head of hair more attractive.

If you do not have flowing locks or even thick short strands that you can brush up and style, you might want to visit a hair transplant clinic in the UK to restore your crowning glory.

According to a University Research

John Hopkins University has conducted a survey with both male and female participants. The study involved showing images of men before and after a hair transplant. This confirmed what many balding men are afraid of: receding hairlines make them less attractive.

A report says that the images of men who underwent hair transplant procedures are perceived as more youthful and attractive than their receding counterparts. Those with full heads of hair are seen as around 3.6 years younger than the balding men.

According to Science

It turns out that a full head of hair, and thick facial hair to match, is a good combination for male attractiveness. A recent research conducted in Australia stressed that women find men with facial hair more attractive than clean-shaven ones. Men with heavy stubble are perceived as protective, tough and have the potential to become good fathers who can raise their offspring well.

You may be fretting about possibly looking less attractive and youthful because of that receding hairline, but it is not all bad news for you. Previous studies suggested that men with shaved heads look taller and may even be less likely to develop illnesses later in life. But having a full head of hair is still good for your appearance, self-confidence and overall well-being.