Better health

Dental clinic crewMaintaining a healthy mouth is an important part of one’s overall bodily health. Combining years of experience with up-to-date knowledge, the dentist can detect the signs of decay and disease that are too subtle for the patient to notice at home. Plus, by providing oral hygiene advice, tailored to the patient’s particular needs, the dentist can ensure that the patient cares for their teeth in the most effective way.

An essential aspect of oral healthcare is a regular visit to a dentist. Wigmore dentists, such as Wigmore Dental Practice, can prevent minor changes in the condition of the teeth from becoming worrying dental developments.

Reasons to visit a Wigmore dentist

Cosmetic concerns are one reason why people seek the help of a Wigmore dentist. Over the years, slight imperfections can turn into worries about the appearance. Tooth discolouration is a common example. Over time, the traces of colour left on the teeth by food and drink can become unsightly stains. The dentist can give the patient a tooth whitening treatment that leaves them with a dazzling smile. This straightforward and speedy treatment can transform how the patient feels about their appearance.

Chipped or uneven teeth might benefit from dental veneers. These strong but thin segments of porcelain are attached to the front of the teeth with a powerful adhesive, making for a more impressive and orderly smile.

Repairs and replacements

The damage caused by decay can be remedied with natural-looking materials that maintain the visual appeal of the teeth. If the patient has lost teeth to decay, dental implants will give them back what they’ve been missing. Regaining the ability to bite into and chew food properly can be a huge improvement in a person’s day-to-day life.

Emergency dental care is offered by dentists for sudden, unexpected developments, like sporting injuries, that can cause huge discomfort for the patient.

Future health

A dentist in Wigmore will deliver their treatment with sensitivity and tact. The waiting rooms and treatment areas of contemporary dental practices are designed to put patients at ease. Financial options can help spread the cost of treatment, so patients don’t have to delay their vital health improvements.