Bright Smile and Attractiveness

stained teethA smile is considered the most attractive feature of a person, regardless of their age. It compromises 60% of the face’s weight, creating an immediate visual impact on other people. Most also agree that a bad smile can make someone less attractive than those with a beautiful smile. Research, furthermore, suggests that people would spend their money to improve the appearance of their teeth.

There some cosmetic dentistry procedures for improving how your teeth look, but whitening remains a popular procedure for many. It can give you a confident and winning smile, especially if your teeth used to be stained or noticeably yellow. Glenlake Dental Care, dentists in Northbrook, IL note that you can have teeth whitened, straightened, as well as reshaped for a more dramatic transformation.

The Option that Suits You Best

A consultation with a cosmetic dentist is the first step when deciding which whitening option is right for you. This will also determine the amount of whitening required. In many cases, two to three shades lighter is enough. Your dentist may also provide you with other options for improving how your smile looks with veneers, orthodontics, or bonding.

Not Overly Bright

It is essential for the color/shade of your teeth to be in harmony not just with your skin, but also the white of your eyes. Extremely bright smiles are so noticeable and distracting, as you may be focused on the smile, instead of their whole face. Excessive teeth whitening, furthermore, can make your teeth opaque, producing an artificial look of the teeth.

Veneers to the Rescue

Note that some teeth may resist whitening, especially those with gray or black stains. Porcelain veneers can be considered, as they can make dark teeth bright. Veneers are also great for improving the size and shape of your tooth, while also providing strength to the tooth enamel. Dental bonding is also available if you have chipped or broken tooth.

If you want to appear confident, attractive, and approachable, mind how your teeth look. If you have been hiding your smile because of stains or crookedness, see a dentist to transform your teeth.