Dental Health

Woman getting her teeth checkedCaring for the teeth and gums is an essential part of a person’s overall health. Dental practices use modern technology and years of professional experience to provide people with a high level of dental care. Patients will experience a range of dental needs throughout their lives, from routine preventive treatments to emergency repairs. Cosmetic procedures are also an important aspect as they help to give people a better standard of dental aesthetics.

Going to the Dentist in Ealing

A major reason people visit the dentist in Ealing is to make sure tooth decay and gum disease are not given a chance to develop. By having twice-yearly check-ups at a contemporary dental practice, such as Ikon Dental Suite, the patient enables their dentist to look for indications of disease. These indications, in their early stages, can remain hidden from the patient until they turn into serious conditions. The dentist can make sure the patient’s home oral hygiene routine is healthy and robust.

Lots of people also go to the dentist in Ealing to have damaged teeth repaired. Broken incisors can be an oral health worry as well as a cosmetic nuisance. Molars can develop cavities, due to decay, which need fillings to prevent further deterioration of the patient’s oral health.

For chipped teeth, a dentist might provide veneers. These natural-looking pieces of thin porcelain which are applied with a strong adhesive, will restore aesthetic balance to the patient’s smile.

Future improvements

If the patient has one or more missing teeth, there are a range of options to replace them. Dentures and bridges can be fully customised to precisely meet the patient’s needs. Having dental implants will give the patient natural-feeling new teeth that integrate with their jawbone, restoring full functionality.

Cosmetic options give patients the chance to improve their image. Straightforward treatments, like teeth whitening, will boost the brightness of a discoloured smile. In the long term, braces and aligners enhance dental positioning. Made of lightweight and low-visibility materials, contemporary realignment appliances are comfortable and discreet while they straighten the patient’s teeth.

A dentist in Ealing can provide all these options and more. They will work with the patient to find the most appropriate solution to their dental problems.