Dental implants in depth

Dental implant conceptDental implants are used to replace missing teeth. They sit in the jawbone and support synthetic teeth mounted on a crown, bridge or denture. Many patients report that the finished work has a natural look and feel, making it easy to forget they are implants.

The process of getting dental implants in Stockport can be quite involved, but an experienced dentist, like Unidental, has the required skills to guide each patient through it.


Dental implant treatment varies from patient to patient and the first step for anyone is a thorough consultation. This involves an examination, which may include x-rays. There is also a detailed round of questions that will cover things like the patient’s dental and medical history, as well as some aspects of their lifestyle, such as whether they smoke or how much they drink. All of this helps the dentist to build up a picture of the patient’s suitability for dental implants in Stockport and their likely healing response. It also assists with the planning of any preparatory work and fitting this around the patient’s expectations and plans.


Dental implants in Stockport are fitted into holes in the jawbone. The dentist uses a drill to make the holes after giving the patient a local anaesthetic. This means that they are awake and aware during the procedure but should not feel any pain. In some cases, a general anaesthetic may be considered if the work required is extensive or the patient is particularly apprehensive or anxious.

Once dental implants are in place, the jawbone heals around them. They are usually screw-shaped which helps the healing bone to get a grip on the surface of the implant. Once in place, they are very secure and integrated.


The process described above, known as Osseointegration, takes a number of weeks to complete. During that time, the patient will be advised to rest and take things easy. Initially, this involves complete bed rest for the first day or two but, over the following weeks, a normal schedule can gradually be reintroduced. Any strenuous activity or exercise may take a few more weeks to return to but, after that, dental implants should not impede the patient’s normal routine in any way.