Denture Stabilisation

Happy woman after the dental implant procedureBack in the day, if patients had dentures that were no longer stable and had started to around when they ate and talked, the only option was to get their dentures relined, or have a new pair made. It was a hassle, and what tended to happen was that, after a certain, they’d have to get their dentures relined again. In between, as the dentures were starting to move around, there would be lots of fiddling around with messy dental adhesives. Thankfully, there is another, more effective way to stop the wobble, and that’s by using dental implants in Birmingham to create an implant-supported denture.

What’s an implant-supported denture?

Implant-supported dentures are usually made for the lower jaw. However, they are available for the upper jaw too. The denture fits over a ball or bar and socket and is securely snapped into place. The dental implants in Birmingham used for this procedure are called mini implants and are usually available from dental implant surgeons, such as those as Sutton Implant Clinic.

Patients often find that their dentures can be stabilised with just two dental implants. However, the more implants used, the greater the denture’s stability. Often, the only anaesthetic needed for implant surgery is an injection right over the position in the gums where the implant will be placed, making the procedure comfortable and relatively painless. Most patients only require over the counter medications to ease any discomfort after surgery.

It is even possible for patients with existing dentures to keep the ones they have, with a few dental implants to stabilise them. When the dentures are stabilised, they become more comfortable, and also enable a patient to speak and chew more easily.

Other advantages

By using dental implants in Birmingham for denture stabilisation patients will no longer need dental sealants or adhesives to keep their teeth in place.

They will also benefit from the ability to eat in a way that feels natural and more efficient.

The likelihood of bone loss is also a problem for denture wearers. It can change the appearance of the face significantly, giving it a ‘sunken’ look. But dentures anchored in place by dental implants in Birmingham help avoid this problem.