Effective Hacks When Dealing with Sun-Damaged Hair

A Woman with Sun-Damaged HairEveryone knows that the sun could easily damage the skin. But did you also know that prolonged sun exposure could wreak havoc on your hair, particularly on the cuticle, which is responsible for covering your hair strand?

How Sun Damages your Hair

Common signs of hair damage due to sun exposure include brittle and dry locks, discoloration, split or broken ends, frizziness, and thinning. Your hair would feel and look dry. Sun damaged mane is likewise unmanageable and difficult to style or curl.

You could be especially susceptible to sun damage if you have light colored or fine hair, or if you’re of African-American descent because of the naturally coiled shape and flat shape of your hair. According to hair schools, such as Collectiv Academy, the sun functions similar to hair bleach. It reacts with melanin and eliminates color, damaging your hair protein and cuticle.

To make matters worse, if you already have bleached or processed hair, use hot rollers or irons for styling, and love swimming in chlorinated pools, your hair could be more susceptible to sun rays and heat, as all of these negatively impact your keratin or hair proteins. Once your keratin has been damaged, it would enable heat to penetrate your locks more effortlessly, resulting in fragile hair strands. The great news is that you could take some simple precautions to safeguard your hair during summertime.

How You Could Protect your Hair

First off, avoid basking under the sun between 10 AM and 3 PM, when its rays beat down the strongest. If you simply must go under these hours, consider wearing a hat made with SPF material or using an umbrella. You must also wear a leave-in conditioner or hair protectant product with zinc oxide.

If you’re planning on swimming in chlorinated pools, consider wearing a waterproof swim cap and don’t forget to rinse out your hair after swimming. If you are prone to dry hair during summertime, consider cutting your hair to prevent split ends and asking your go-to stylist for a professional, preventive deep conditioning hair treatment before summer comes.