Everyone Could Use a Spa Break: What You Need to Know if You’ve Never Been

Spa Break in WestNearly everyone has visited a spa at least once. If you have never chosen to go on a spa break to relax, let this article be your guide.

Here is what you should know:

Take Your Time

A day spa typically requires you to have an appointment. The length of time you stay there depends entirely on the length of time your treatments take. It will be best for you to arrive early so you can relax a bit before your treatment. You will be given ample time to rest after your treatment before you need to leave again.

If you are taking a longer break, though, you are free to use any of the facilities for the duration of your stay. If you are taking the entire weekend off, even better. Spa breaks in Bath, for instance, are best taken on weekends, says Bailbrook Lodge, so you can take full advantage of the restorative quality of the place.

You Do Not Have to Look Like a Model

True, there are dress codes depending on where you go. But the most important thing to remember is to be comfortable. Aside from comfortable clothes, you will need a swimming costume or two and flip flops. Most spas will provide robes and towels but it is always best to check with them when you call for your reservation.

Another worry is how far you will need to disrobe. Most would choose to wear as little as possible — hence the use of skimpy bikinis, especially when going in for a massage. You can always ask your therapist about it prior to your appointment or as soon as you arrive.

Words of Caution

Consult with your OB when going on a spa break and you are pregnant. While there are prenatal packages available in some spas, each person is unique and may have different sensitivities. Consider, too, if you have or have just come from illness or surgery. Spas may sometimes advise against specific treatments based on medical conditions.

Be honest with your therapist regarding your current state of health. This way, they can easily recommend alternatives, if needed, and you can enjoy the retreat you want.