Finding a Perfect Match

dentist showing the patient his findingsA dentist in Stevenage is like any other professional. They have areas of work they like to focus on, and there may be some that they don’t cover. A family dentist is likely to offer children’s, general and preventive dentistry. A practice focused on the appearance of teeth may only offer cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics such as Botox. And some dentists only offer work in one field of treatment, such as dental implants, teeth straightening or gum care.

The surgery may also provide clinics for oral health and well-being, including screening for mouth cancer, help with snoring and bad breath and to quit smoking. So, when choosing a dentist in Stevenage, patients are advised to first ask themselves what they need from their clinician, such as those at Smilecraft, to make sure they are matched up with what they need.

Do they want everything in one place, a dentist that covers the health and look of the teeth? Do they need children’s services? Have they or are they about to lose teeth and so need a surgery that has a track record in restorations and maybe dentures?

While it’s tempting and easy to pop along to the nearest local practice, making sure it’s a good fit is going to be most beneficial in the long-term.

As well as the services on offer, there are the logistics to consider: is parking easy? Is it accessible by public transport? Are out-of-hours appointments available?

And the environment and people are also key: what’s the surgery like? Is it modern, and clean, with a comfortable waiting area? Are the reception staff friendly? Is the Stevenage dentist personable and easy to talk to? Do they know how to deal with nervous patients? Is the equipment up-to-date?

What kind of ethos does the surgery have? Many a dentist in Stevenage will publish a set of values that inform the work they do on their website, and some even display these at the surgery. Patients can check these to see if they line up with their own. For example, what’s most important at this practice? Is it innovation or patient care? Clear communication and financial transparency or excellence in treatment?