Finding braces confusing?

dental braces checkupIt used to be so easy for people who wanted to get their teeth straightened. They would probably be a teenager and would offer little resistance as their parents and dentist agreed to fill their mouth with some serious metal work strung together with thick wires that would periodically get tightened to haul their teeth into a new position. Their teeth would hurt, inside their cheeks would rub on the braces and get sores, and it would very hard to eat or speak, until three years later, and hey presto, they’d emerge from the dentist one day with no braces and perfect teeth. Braces in Cheltenham aren’t like that anymore, not unless there are some serious bite issues going on.

These days, so many kinds of braces in Cheltenham are on offer that they almost deserve a slot on Let’s take a lot at the various sorts here, because there’s nothing like some prior knowledge when going to talk to a dentist like Cheltenham Dental Spa about getting straighter teeth.

Fixed braces

These are the traditional braces in Cheltenham typically associated with teenagers. Wires are progressively tightened through brackets over time, applying gentle pressure to the teeth and encouraging them to move into a straighter position. Most systems now feature smaller clear ceramic brackets and finer tooth-coloured wires.

Lingual braces

Just like fixed braces but with one huge difference, lingual braces are fitted to the inside (back) of your teeth and invisible from the front. They can be difficult to get accustomed to but are a perfect way to straighten teeth without anyone noticing. They can correct severe misalignments of the teeth and jaw.


The most well-known, and original brand of clear aligners, that look like transparent gum shields. The aligners are changed every 7-10 days. Patients remove them to clean their teeth and eat.

Six Month Smiles

These braces uses tooth-coloured brackets and wires to move the teeth you see when you smile. Treatments that would usually take 18 months to two years are completed in as little as six months.

Inman Aligner

A removable aligner that moves the front teeth by applying force to them over time. Only one appliance is required for the entire treatment.