Finding the right surgeon for dental implants

Medical treatment at the dentist office.Having dental implant treatment is a big commitment that can cost a patient a substantial amount of money. Because of implant surgery’s permanent nature, it’s important to find a surgeon who will get the best results.

Many dental practices in the UK offer dental implants as an option for tooth replacement, but not all dentists can perform the surgery themselves. Many cases are often referred to different dentists to get the best results. Dr Joe Bhat is one such dentist.

Being referred to a different dentist?

If a patient is referred to a different dentist to their usual one, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. Usually, when this happens it’s because the patient’s regular dentist isn’t qualified to perform dental implant surgery.

Over 300 dentists refer to Dr Joe Bhat for dental implant surgery. As a lecturer in a central London institute, Dr Bhat educates on the subject of dental implants.

Dr Joe Bhat is a great choice if a patient has a regular dentist who can’t perform the surgery or if a patient is looking for a practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What can dental implants do?

Dental implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth. It’s because of their versatility and durability that dental implants are so often recommended as one of the best methods of tooth replacement.

When an implant is placed, an appliance can be fixed to it. An implant can support multiple teeth, so patients don’t need to have an implant for each tooth that is missing. Bridges, supported by two implants can replace three or more teeth.

Implant surgery

To have implants, a minor surgical procedure needs to take place. During this surgery, a small hole is created in the patient’s jaw. This is to allow a titanium screw to be inserted firmly.

Over time, the jawbone will integrate with the screw, creating a stable anchor for a bridge, crown or even a patient’s dentures to be attached. This treatment can last a lifetime if the implant is looked after well enough.

The aim is to give the patient the functionality and cosmetic value that they want from their teeth.