A five-point plan for choosing dental implants in Hampshire

 Dental clinic crew smilingMaking the decision to have dental implants in Hampshire should be a thoughtful and well-researched process. However, it is important that patients see their dentist as soon as possible for dental implantsbecause the conditions in the mouth change rapidly. They can become less favourable towards the dental implant process all the time.

Choose a dentist

Choosing the right practitioner for dental implants in Hampshiremakes all the different when it comes to treatment. A practice that champions the patient experience, like Dental Implants Hampshire, is ideal. There should be clear signs that they are tailoring the process to meet the needs of individual patients and providing all the required information before asking the patient to decide to go ahead with treatment.


There is only so much that someone can find out without visiting their dentist. A skilled practitioner can tell them a lot after the first consultation and examination. They will check out the conditions in the mouth and take some scans and x-rays. A questionnaire will also give them all the patient information they need to start a treatment plan and make some estimation of cost.


Dental implants need to be viewed as an investment in a full lifestyle and continued oral health. They can entail a relatively large spend but the cost has come down a lot in recent years.

Many practices offer 0% finance plans, or low interest rates, to ensure that dental implants are accessible for more people. These help patients to spread the cost and to get dental implants straight way, when they are most needed.


The dentist and patient both need to plan. The dentist will use the data they have gathered to determine the required number of dental implants, where they should be positioned, whether any preparatory work is required and how many appointments the patient will need. With this information, the patient can begin to determine how the treatment will fit into their life.


All that is left after the above is for the patient to make a decision on whether to go ahead. That’s when the journey towards new teeth really begins and they can begin to get excited about the prospect.