Get Them While They’re Young

dentist checking up a patientThe dentist in Erskineville is not just there to fix broken teeth. In fact, these days, dentists much prefer to help patients keep their teeth intact than restore decayed ones. It may seem a little self-defeating, but it’s true: the 21st century dentist in Erskineville would rather offer preventive advice and see patients for twice yearly check-ups that fit them with replacement teeth further down the line.

What kind of preventive advice does the dentist in Erskineville offer? At practices such as the Healthy Smile Centre, it comes in many different forms. One is through children’s dentistry.

Children are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay for two reasons: firstly, it takes them a while to fully grasp how to properly brush their teeth, especially the big molars at the back. Secondly, despite parents’ best efforts, they tend to have a diet that is high in refined sugar. There are several ways the dentist in Erskineville can help to combat this.


Dental staff can show kids how to properly take care of their teeth and keep updating their brushing technique at every visit.


As much as possible, encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables for snacks, rather than foods high in processed sugars.

Bring Them in Early

This gets kids used to the dental environment and makes it more likely that they will take a diligent oral healthcare routine into adulthood. They can even come in at age two years or younger with parents or older siblings, to meet the dental staff and see that visiting the dentist isn’t anything to be worried about.

Early check-ups also mean that any developing problems can be spotted, both in terms of decay, and alignment.

Teeth straightening can begin as young as five years these days, meaning children can get the awkward braces phase over before the self-consciousness of adolescence fully hits.

Keep Them Regular

Bi-annual check-ups and regular hygiene appointments are just as important for children as adults.


Fissure sealants protect those vulnerable big back teeth by coating them in a harmless plastic resin, so decay can’t form. The dentist in Erskineville can also paint children’s teeth with fluoride to prevent decay.