Getting Comfy with Shiatsu Massage Chairs

woman relaxing on the massaging chair Do you want to come home to a relaxing warm massage that would melt away all the tension and muscle stress you accumulated during the day?

High-quality shiatsu massage chairs incorporate various features to ensure that your whole body is treated. Before you start reading the reviews on the shiatsu massage chair you saw, you should know that different chairs have different massaging styles and programs. The reviewers at Your Massage Spot presents three shiatsu massage chairs worth considering.

Zero gravity executive massage chair

A zero-gravity reclined positioning massage chair helps in the alignment of your thighs and back to put you in a comfortable position and intensify the effect of the massage treatment. These relieve accumulated pressure in your spine and at the same time increases blood circulation.

Additionally, this chair is designed so that it contours to adjust to your spine. The sensors also help in scanning through your body to identify problematic areas. The massager adjusts its position accordingly. In some case, some chairs will have vibration options, preset programs, a viewing screen, a remote control and heated pad top maximize pleasure.

Pro summit chair

Featuring both L and S track massage features, this chair massager moves from the neck downwards up to the hamstring. This chair has features such as self-adjustment to body shape, zero gravity reclined position, and body scanning technology. It also has airbags for stretching and compression massages along the shoulders, waist and legs. If you have space issues at your home, this is the best option as it takes minimal space.

Chiro massage chair

This is the most popular shiatsu massage chair type. It easily accommodates all body types and heights due to its tall backrest, and wide seat base. In other cases, some will have additional features such as airbags for extra feet and thighs stretching as well as fixed motors to knead your skin. This combination allows for a full shiatsu massage leaving you relaxed.

Purchasing a massage chair is a considerable investment. It is crucial to select a seller you can trust. Additionally, always check for additional features and special maintenance features before purchasing a massage chair.