Hydro Dermabrasion: The Skincare Power of Water and Oxygen

Woman undergoing skin care procedureEvery day, people shed about 500 million skin cells. When these cells pile up, they make the skin look dull, rough, and dry. They can also increase oil production, clog the pores, and cause acne breakouts. People need proper exfoliation and facials in Rockwall to uncover the fresh cells underneath.

What counts as proper, however, depends on one’s preference. For some, for instance, hydro dermabrasion is the way to go. Like other dermabrasion procedures, this involves an instrument that removes the skin’s outermost layers. The difference, however, is that it’s an all-natural treatment; it uses water and oxygen to rejuvenate the skin. Let Sweet Vanity Waxing walk you through how it works.

The Power of Water and Oxygen

A Jet Clear Hydro Dermabrasion treatment uses a handheld nozzle to release a steady stream of a saline solution infused with oxygen. The droplets, running at a high velocity, strike the skin and remove the dead cells effectively.

Unlike other skincare procedures, hydro dermabrasion doesn’t involve hard crystals or abrasive textures, so it cleanses the skin gently and prevents over exfoliation. As such, it’s a painless process which doesn’t require an extensive post-procedure skincare routine.

Featuring technology used for the skin procedureBetter-Looking Skin

Oxygen and water work wonders for the skin. The treatment enhances texture and tone and improves uneven pigmentation. In some cases, it can even tone down conditions like Rosacea and Keratosis. It keeps the skin young-looking, too, as it reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment cleans the pores thoroughly, so it helps prevent acne and reduces acne scarring. On top of that, hydro dermabrasion hydrates the skin deeply.

Overall, hydro dermabrasion paves the way for better-looking skin.

Beyond the Surface Benefits

Hydro dermabrasion’s effects are not just skin-deep, though. The stream of water and oxygen also improves blood flow and increases the production of collagen, a protein that gives the skin strength and elasticity.

The stream also penetrates the inner layers of the skin and delivers water, oxygen, and other serums to it. These are requirements for cell growth and repair. So, apart from improving your skin’s appearance, hydro dermabrasion also keeps it healthy.

Great Skincare Services

When it comes to hydro dermabrasion and other rejuvenating skincare procedures in Rockport, Sweet Vanity Waxing is your go-to spa. We offer luxurious treatments that renew your skin and help you relax. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.