Important Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist in Buckinghamshire

a man with broken teethJust because there is something wrong with a person’s teeth, does that mean they need to see a dentist right away? How is it possible to know if a dental problem is an emergency or if it can wait? When experiencing dental pain, many patients try to simply ignore it, thinking it will go away on its own. Unfortunately, this can result in more problems in the long run, not to mention extensive and expensive oral treatments.

There are many reasons why visiting an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire is crucial straight after an accident or following intense dental pain. An experienced emergency dentist, such as those at Garden View, will examine the patient’s teeth carefully and determine the cause of pain, which may be alarming. In the case of an unexpected accident, it is really important to visit an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible, since this can signify the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

Common dental emergencies and how to deal with them

A common dental emergency is a broken or chipped tooth or restoration (i.e. crown, veneer). Leaving a broken tooth or restoration unattended for long could lead to infection and further damage. Visiting an emergency dentist as soon as possible after the accident can help the dentist restore the teeth or restorations. Broken wires in braces also call for emergency treatment, as they can be uncomfortable and potentially harm the gums and cheeks.

A knocked out tooth, on the other hand, requires immediate dental attention. If it is not treated in time, it may lead to permanent tooth loss. While waiting to be admitted by an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, rinse the tooth carefully trying not to strip it from any remaining tissue and store it in a container full of milk or a special solution. Ideally, attempt to put the tooth back into the socket gently without putting too much pressure on the gums.

Finally, if the tongue, cheeks, or gums are bleeding and it cannot be stopped, getting treatment as soon as possible is really important. Finding the reason for the bleeding and make sure it is treated, is crucial for any patient’s well-being.