Improve Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Woman showing off her dental veneersDental veneers are thin shells, permanently fixed into teeth to correct flaws. When bonded to teeth, the custom-made, wafer-thin composite layer makes for a perfect smile. In the 1920s, an innovative dentist thought of a quick and efficient way to use the material and adhesive. It instantly transformed the appearance of Hollywood stars. Liverpool-based veneer experts at Saving Faces know that these days, anyone can improve their smile with these cosmetic tools.

How Much Do the Bonded Shells Cost?

The colour, shape, and size of your teeth can change with these porcelain attachments. Essentially, you can have new teeth, but be ready to pay a few hundred pounds more for high-end veneers. If you do not have the budget for porcelain, then you can settle for composite resin.

How to Take Care of Your New Smile

A dental veneer can break if you abuse it. So in this case, munching on raw carrots, for example, will do you more harm than good. You must consider your diet as well. Cut down on your intake of caffeinated beverages, which could stain teeth. Your teeth might also need particular attention if the dentist opts to remove a tiny section of enamel.

How to Transform Your Smile

The success of the bonding procedure depends on the skill and artistry of the dentist. When properly attached by a licensed cosmetic dentist, one can use veneers for as long as seven years. Much care and attention go into its fabrication. To ensure accuracy, the use of a mould and a shade guide enables the surface to have the same shade as your natural teeth.

Veneers are a great solution to issues you might have with how your teeth look. They also last longer and are reliable. If you want the best outcomes, know more about the procedure.