Massage Therapy: Definition, Categories, and Applications

Massage TherapyManipulating soft body tissues manually for the purpose of enhancing health and well-being is called massage therapy. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue may benefit from this form of massage.

Why People Need It

People often get a massage to reduce stress, pain, or anxiety. Upzen Health explains that a person receiving a massage will feel more relaxed or energized, depending on the type of massage. Those who are in the process of recovering from some injuries may also benefit from massage therapy.

Fundamental Categories

There are two fundamental categories of massage therapy, under either one of which all the different types and styles fall. The first and more popular one is relaxation, often called Swedish. This is what you will often find in a resort, spa, or wellness center. It is also what some companies offer as a perk to their employees. The second category is more rehabilitative, which targets deep tissue. It is often referred to as clinical, medical, or therapeutic massage. Clinics, hospitals, and chiropractic practices offer rehabilitative massage.

Other Categories

There are also other categories considered in many circles. These are often part or a variation of one of the two primary categories. An example is trigger point massage, which targets muscle fibers that may have tightened due to an injury or overuse. Sports massage is a variation of the Swedish massage, but it is specifically targeted for athletes to help them recover from or reduce the possibility of minor injuries.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury caused by a sport or an accident, or simply want to reduce the stress in your body, think about massage therapy. See your physician to find out if massage is safe for you, especially if you think you are pregnant or have a medical condition.