Medical Evacuations: A Flight for Your Life

Air AmbulanceThere are cases when prompt medical aid is necessary, but what happens if the road is not passable or it will take hours before a team of medics get to the destination? You'll need a mode of transport that can go by air. An air ambulance is a kind of aircraft that companies and individuals use to transport people who are trapped in medically dangerous circumstances. Air ambulance services usually come in several forms, from choppers to prop planes and jets.

The Early Beginnings

The notion of carrying the critically hurt started with the concept of fixed-wing aircraft flights. Capt. George H.R. Gosman and Lt. A. L. Rhodes developed the first aircraft that can move patients to medical units. These two U.S. Army medical officers designed it soon after the Wright brothers successfully flew the first aircraft.

The Benefits Today

In a majority of medical emergencies, the possibility of getting medical help immediately is slim. Whenever there's an immediate need for medical attention, particularly if the patient needs specialised care, an air ambulance is the ideal method of medical evacuation.

An air ambulance is not only for transportation. It has always been a part of rescue and recovery missions, as well. During these cases, helicopters would fly over locations where people have been in an accident and they pull them up to safety.

Most air ambulances come completely armed with critical medical equipment, but they do not normally transport heavy quantities. As it's essential for air ambulances to fly in a stable and gentle manner, they only carry supplies to the bare minimum. These can include emergency medical supplies, such as monitoring units and CPR units. As a result, the medical staff aboard can tend to critically hurt patients until they are transferred to a better location for further care.

The majority of these air ambulance services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the country and around the globe. The patient, their loved ones, or a hospital advocate can get in touch with them any time they need medical help.