Migraine and the Germs in Your Mouth: What’s the Connection?

Woman having migraineDo you suffer from migraines often?

Your mouth might have a part to play.

CNN reported a study from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine revealing that bacteria in the mouth trigger cases of moderate to severe migraines. The study aimed to prove the idea that consumption of certain food types results in episodes of headaches. The researchers also wanted to know if there were connections between the microbiomes in the mouth and migraines.

How the Study Worked

Antonio Gonzales, senior author of the study, and his team collected 1,996 faecal samples and 172 oral samples from a group of healthy participants. Before the study, they filled out a survey, which indicated if they had migraines or not.

After the initial testing, the bacterial sequenced gene found in the bacterial samples revealed different levels for people who suffered from migraines and those who did not. The researchers believe nitric oxide is to blame.

According to the study, nitrate reducing bacteria thrives in the mouth. This revelation emphasises the possibility that what you eat might trigger migraines.

Bacteria and Your Mouth

While further research is necessary to prove the hypothesis, one thing remains certain: bacterial plaque is still harmful to your health.

Cuffley Village Dental Practice, a practice in Enfield, points to bacteria as the culprit behind a majority of dental diseases. It secretes acidic waste products, which cultivates an unpleasant environment in the mouth. Over time, it weakens your teeth, resulting in rot and decay. Without proper oral hygiene practices and regular dental care, the plaque eventually works its way under the gums.

You might not suffer from a physical migraine, but dealing with these problems is enough to trigger headaches.

Care for Your Teeth

The best defence always focuses on removing stubborn plaque. Maintain oral hygiene practices (e.g., brushing and flossing your teeth) and watch what you eat. Sugary sweets and beverages are never good for your oral health; reduce consumption, if possible. Also, do not forget to visit your dental practice for checkups.

Bacteria are your body’s worst enemies. Spare yourself from future migraines by caring for your teeth and gums today.