Nail Biters Are Likely to Be Teeth Grinders Too

Crooked TeethAs much as dentists would want dental problems to come from some pre-existing conditions, many unfortunately come from non-dental habits and sources. It becomes even harder to treat when it is an indirect consequence, such as in teeth grinding. The root of the problem is most certainly not dental, but the outcome will most certainly require a dentist’s assistance.

Anxiety is often the root of bruxism. Like a drug addiction, a person does not always grind their teeth naturally. As a university in America found out, there is a gateway habit that has strong links to it: nail biting.

The Study

Dr. Ephraim Winocur is quite adamant in stating that bruxism is no way a dental problem, but one that produces dental consequences. The researchers assessed 75 men and women, 40 of whom had a social phobia and the other 35 acting as a control group. Nevertheless, everyone went through psychiatric and dental evaluations to determine a history of anxiety and oral habits.

Less than half of the 40 took antidepressants and while this drug has some association with teeth grinding, the study concluded that it had no effects whatsoever. But, they did find that almost half of the 40 and about 30% of the control group are likely to suffer moderate-to-severe dental wear. The study may be small in coverage in terms of race, gender and social stature, but it is still something that almost half of all participants are in danger of bruxism.

Definitely, a Dentist’s Area

The study explicitly stated that a psychiatrist’s help is necessary, but a dentist may prove to be just as vital. Soho dentists PS Dental Care and other practices in high streets all over Britain all have experience in this kind of thing and it never fails to be a concern for them. After all, with enamel peeling and the general downturn in the teeth’s integrity, a dentist has to intervene.

It is never a good idea to develop destructive habits, most especially when it concerns one’s teeth. It is really expensive to repair. If it does happen, it is best to address it sooner than later.