Power Up your Big City Dreams with Lingual Braces in London

Beautiful woman with bracesIn a bustling city such as London, a beautiful smile can get you to many places, from a stage in West End to a stately boardroom in 10 Downing Street. As Londoners knew too well, possibilities are endless with a good smile. But what if you have crooked teeth that hinder your way to claiming the spotlight, be it in school, the workplace or some audition room? Your priority should be to straighten them as fast as possible – and discreetly, too, if you must. London Holborn Dental Practice shares the following:

Discreetness, the Hallmark of Class

Lingual braces are a teeth-straightening procedure wherein the braces (brackets) are placed behind the teeth (lingual side) instead of on the front for ultimate discreetness. The brackets are supported by wires and strung together through elastics, remaining hidden from view.

The concept of lingual braces has been around since the 1980s, but there are not enough skilled dentists to perform it. Back then, the procedure involved extraction in case of overcrowding teeth, generating X-ray images of the teeth and creating moulds to guide the position of the brackets and archwire for reinforcing the teeth movement. Today, 3D imaging and CAD/CAM software make the procedure faster, and professional training makes it more efficient.

Compared to other teeth straightening solutions, lingual bracing is done gradually. Every bracket is custom-made, adapting perfectly to the shape of each tooth to ensure it attaches tightly. While a bit complex, it does have its perks including predictive results, maximum comfort and minimal speech interference because of the flat design.

Lingual Braces in the London Area

Lingual braces are ideal for the simple to severe crooked teeth cases and can be performed on anyone as long as they have healthy gums and bones. Gum sensitivity, gum allergies and weakness of jaw bones and teeth may hinder the procedure. As such, look for a lingual brace clinic that offers private consultation to make sure it is the right procedure for your case. If you are in London, the areas of Knightsbridge, Westside and Richmond are great places to start your search for good dental practices and trained dentists who are skilled in experienced in lingual braces.

Thanks to lingual braces and other discreet cosmetic dental treatments, you can focus on self-improvement while your dental problems are being fixed without anyone knowing it.