Proper Oral Care for People in Braces

BracesBraces are often placed in patients between 10-14 years old to correct various teeth problems such as overbites and overcrowded teeth. However, more and more adults are also getting braces, having recognised the many advantages of having straightened teeth.

Need for better protection

Apart from having mild discomfort while on braces, people with braces have to be extra careful to protect themselves from tooth decay, gum disease and other dental diseases. The metal braces make teeth harder to clean and more prone to bacterial build up and thus, extra precaution is necessary. Below are some ways to improve proper oral care even while in braces.

Brush regularly and properly

Brushing twice a day is the normal oral care recommendation of and other orthodontists in Manchester. However, the need to brush increases with braces because food particles are easily trapped in the braces, increasing the likelihood of developing tartar, and eventually tooth decay. Brushing every after meal is necessary to prevent this. The lesser time the particles are in the teeth, the lesser time decay can develop.

Watch your diet

Wearing braces requires that people be more mindful of what they eat. Avoiding chewy foods such as gums, sticky candies, caramel or corn that may stick to the outlines of the braces and cause discoloration and cavities is necessary. Eating too much sugary and starchy food, which increases the enamel-breaking acid in the tooth, is another no-no. Lastly, forcefully chewing ice, nuts, and tough meat may cause the wires and brackets to either loosen or break completely.

Clean as frequently as possible

During instances when a toothbrush is not easily accessible, rinsing the mouth vigorously with water after every meal will somehow reduce acid produced by food and lessen the damage to the teeth.

Keep hydrated

Drinking water as often as possible serves to clean the mouth regularly and hydrate lips that are often chafed or dehydrated by the braces. Using lip wax specifically designed for this purpose is also recommended.

A great smile entails a lot of sacrifice. The experience does not have to be unpleasant or burdensome, however. Hiring a good orthodontist to guide you throughout the whole procedure may lessen the hassle, prevent complications and produce the desired results within the quickest possible time.