Reasons Why Dental Check-ups Should Not Be Postponed

woman at the dental clinicAvoiding a visit to the dentist can be tempting. No one enjoys the idea of having sharp instruments in their mouth, plus there is always better and more enjoyable things to do. However, postponing a visit to the dentist may provide temporary psychological relief, but will lead to many problems in the future.

Visiting the dentist twice a year is imperative for maintaining excellent oral health. A dentist in Southampton, such as those at Smilemakers, is the only person who can look into a patient’s teeth and determine whether there are problems that need to be sorted. Even diligent brush users and floss users can develop plaque on their teeth because plaque tends to hide in the most obscure places in the mouth.

Here are some important things to consider before delaying another visit to the dentist in Southampton.

Tooth loss is real

Might sound frightening but tooth loss is perhaps the most serious consequence of avoiding the dentist. Many patients fail to realise that most dental issues are treatable as long as they are addressed in a timely way. Ignoring warning signs and avoiding cleaning the teeth professionally, can eventually lead to tooth loss. This is because bacteria in the mouth attach to the teeth and affect the gums and the ligatures that hold the teeth and the gums together. If gum disease goes untreated for too long, it will result in missing teeth and jawbone deterioration.

Dental costs can be expensive

Avoiding the dentist can only be a short-lived strategy since toothaches and pain will get patients motivated to visit after all. The longer they wait, though, the more likely it is that their teeth have sustained damage. For instance, filling a cavity is fast and relatively inexpensive, but leaving a cavity to reach the stage where a root canal is the only option, then treatment can be pricey.

Patients who visit the dentist at least twice a year tend to enjoy better oral health and catch problems with their teeth at an early stage. On the other hand, patients who avoid visiting the dentist in Stevenage for months or even years, are more likely to end up with pain and large dental bills.