Relaxing or Frightening? What is Sedation Dentistry, Really?

Sedation Dentistry in ArlingtonSedation is one option for patients who have a real fear of dentists or those who get anxiety from the idea. This may also be used for those who have low pain tolerance, cannot sit still in the chair, have sensitive teeth, have an awful gag reflex, and those who have to get a huge amount of dental work completed. In Arlington, cosmetic dentists recommend using nitrous oxide to make patients feel more relaxed.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

When it comes to sedation, there will always be a risk when getting anesthesia. It is commonly safe, though, as long as your dentist is experienced. Make sure the dentist you go to is eligible and skilled to administer the kind of sedation you need. They use a “therapeutic index” to measure how safe the drug is.

Is sedation dentistry effective?

Oral sedation dentistry provides patients the peace of mind and confidence they need to experience the dental procedure in a new perspective. It won’t seem as terrifying as they originally thought it would be. Hours of sitting in the chair would pass by fast as they are comfortable and relaxed.

Experts have created an array of anxiolytic meds and oral sedatives to make the patients feel at ease. These meds and sedatives have undergone intensive research and testing. They have also been used for decades, confirming sedation’s long safety record.

Is there a way to prepare for it?

Patients who are obese or have obstructive sleep apnea must contact their doctors before undergoing sedation. These people are most likely to acquire complications from the procedure. Let your dentist know about your health history, especially if you smoke or have diabetes. Your situation will determine the kind of before-and-after care plan.

Sedation dentistry aims to lessen the fear of patients. Follow your dentist’s instructions to avoid health risks.