Say Goodbye to Panda Peepers for Real

Woman inspecting her eye area for dark circlesThe eyes are the windows to the soul – until two very real, round and rotund imperfections under your eyes greet you in the morning. So much for having a new start, as your day is now on a downward spiral by the evil duo of puffy bags and dark circles.

Blame them on a lack of sleep or alcoholic binge, there is nothing you can do when they are staring right back at you, making you look older, tired and sick. Not even cucumbers, concealers, or any magical concoction can hide them. Or so we thought.

Remescar to the Rescue

Let us hear it from science: excess fluid that accumulates under the eye induces eye bags, while dark circles occur when the skin in the tear trough becomes thin exposing the lines where the dark veins and blood vessels are. Poor or improper eye care contributes to their formation.

As science can explain them, so can science fix them too – the science of Remescar to the rescue. Remescar Medmetics has developed a revolutionary eye cream using the so-called EYESL technology, a combination of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex.

Addresses that Nasty Look

This tightens the skin upon contact and lessens the fluid accumulation under the eyes, reducing the nasty eye bags and appearance of dark circles in an instant for youthful-looking and brighter eyes. With just one simple application per day, the cream works like magic when it is actually science.

Both clinical tests and personal user feedbacks prove that Remescar delivers in its three claims for this product: diminished eye bags and dark circles by up to 75%, immediate results and clinically-proven effectiveness.


UK-based professional blogger Donna of the popular and award-winning blog What the Redhead Said attest to the impressive result of Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles solution, with photos to show for it.

After getting an instant eye lift and removing the tired, dark look without any application fuss, the solution has become a part of her daily routine.

Remescar eye bags & dark circles solution simply and truly delivers on its promise. And because it takes a little but gives a lot (an 8 ml tube can last for many days of application), you are not to blame for believing it is a kind of magic.