Scary Scalp Problems That Need Your Immediate Attention or Else…

Solve Scalp Problems in SingaporeBaldness isn’t the worst hair problem you can encounter. There are a number of scary scalp diseases that can give you the most horrifying bad-hair-day possible. Here are some of those scalp sicknesses that can truly be scary if left untreated.

Scalp Ringworm – Despite what the name suggests, these are not actual ringworms. This is a fungal infection that causes circular scaly and itchy marks on the scalp. It is common in children but is highly contagious even between adults. The mark usually has raised edges and the bald spots would be in the centre. The spots would show up randomly anywhere on your scalp and would be around an inch or more in diameter.

Alopecia Areata – This disease attacks the immune system and causes hair loss and bald patches. Some believe it’s actually stressed-induced and it can stop your hair from growing back in certain areas on your head. However, if it does grow back you might lose hair again in the same spot and it’s a random occurrence. Though there’s no clear cure for this disease, but there are Singapore clinics offer ways to alleviate stress or treatments that can speed up hair growth to reduce the recurrence of those bald areas.

Lice and Nits – These technically aren’t diseases but they are still scary enough to cause many to recoil in horror if they found out that they have it. They can cause itchiness and even sores and blisters because of excessive scratching. Plus the fact they are highly contagious and hard to get rid of. According to Thomson Chinese Medicine, good thing there are traditional Chinese medicines that can kill them and their eggs as well.

There are natural cures that have spanned generations which can cure these scary scalp issues. Do look up traditional medicinal centres and take the time for a consultation. Of course there are still the medical clinics but at least you would have other options as well.