Scoring the Perfect, Instagram-Worthy Selfie

Selfie Game in WarwickshireIt’s hard to imagine a time when selfies didn’t exist. After all, it’s the easiest way for you to have fun. Feeling bored at work? Take a selfie. Got a new pair of sunnies? You better take a selfie! Posting selfies on social media isn’t only a great way to stay connected with your peers, though. According to, it’s also your chance to show off your beautiful smile.

To get those selfie likes and gain followers, however, you need to make your shots stand out. What are some go-to moves that can help amp up your selfie game?

Find the Best Lighting

Facing away from the sun can cast a huge shadow on your face and make your selfie look unflattering. Always remember to use the lighting to your advantage, because it can bring out your best features. Furthermore, when taking selfie, the glow of a fluorescent light is your worst enemy. Natural lighting works best — it can help make your skin look amazing and give your hair a glossy shine.

It’s all about the Angle

Sometimes it can be hard figuring out what angle works best for you. Next time you feel like taking a snap, try an angle that’s slightly higher than your line of vision. A little bit of head titling can also make your features appear more streamlined. Working in a captivating stare or daintily putting a finger on your lip in your next selfie can make you look classy and sophisticated. It’s all about the attitude!

Switch Up Your Filters

Using the right filter will top off your overall look, so try experimenting with filters every once in a while. For example, a black and white filter could give your photo a more dramatic feel and enhance texture, shape and contrast. A vintage filter can give your shots an added aesthetic and give them a nostalgic appeal. So, enhance your photo with a filter before you hit that Share button!

The trick to feeling good is looking good. What better way to start than building confidence in your selfie-taking abilities and brushing up on your very own selfie technique? It’s the easiest way to have fun and gain a lot more friends (and followers) in the process.