Straighter Teeth are Better for You

Woman proud of her healthy and straight teethPeople who choose to improve the positioning of their teeth gain two important advantages: a better-looking smile, and teeth that function more efficiently. At dental practices in south Yorkshire, like PDC Dental in Barnsley, braces can be a discreet and effective way to achieve these enhancements.

How braces in Barnsley can improve your dental health

The appliances dentists use to realign their patients’ teeth can be surprisingly discreet and comfortable. Treatment is planned with precision, using detailed images of the patient’s mouth. Contemporary methods like Invisalign are made of transparent materials that vastly reduce their visibility. The unwanted social attention, which can deter people from seeking realignment treatments, is avoided.

Straighter teeth are more visually appealing, and they are also easier to keep clean. Food particles and bacteria have fewer awkward spaces in which they can gather, and build up to harmful levels. The patient’s risk of tooth decay and gum disease is thus reduced.

Jaw strain can also be a problem when teeth are not properly positioned. Having a misaligned bite corrected by contemporary dental techniques means that a patient’s teeth will operate more effectively when they bite into and chew their food.

Improved dental future

Optimising the position of the teeth can take a while, but contemporary braces and aligners can often be quicker than the appliances used in the past. Treatment will begin with a consultation, in which the friendly dental team will find out how the patient would like to improve their teeth. It may be a straightforward case of realigning the front teeth if they’re too prominent. Or it could be a more complex case of dental crowding, involving work on the front and back teeth, which may take a bit longer to complete. Shorter treatments could take six months, but more typical durations are 12-18 months, or longer.

When the braces come off, it’s standard procedure for the patient to spend a while wearing a retainer at night. This helps their teeth get used to their new positions, ensuring that the valuable benefits brought by realignment will last for many years. Braces in Barnsley are increasingly popular with adults, because they can bring great results with minimal fuss.