Subtle Solutions: Fixing Your Stained or Misaligned Teeth

Stained and misaligned teethHave your misaligned teeth been bothering you? Are those teeth stains affecting your smile? In this day and age, dental treatments for those types of teeth problems should not have to be obnoxious and glaringly obvious.

According to, you may straighten your teeth with Six Month Smiles — clear braces with small, tooth coloured wires that you only have to bear with for six to nine months. On the other hand, you may deal with teeth stains through the Advanced Power Tooth Whitening’s whitening lamp. It unlocks a white smile in more or less an hour.

Read on to determine the subtle solutions for two of the more common dental problems.

Six Month Smiles

In some cases, invisible aligners such as Invisalign are not suitable to fix misaligned teeth. If it is the same for you, Six Month Smiles are an alternative treatment made of discreet braces that you wear for six months.

When only your front 6 to 8 teeth need straightening, the Six Month Smiles orthodontic braces system is an ideal solution. It uses tooth coloured wires and brackets to treat misalignment, gaps and misplaced midlines. What makes it better is that treatment is speedier than the usual orthodontics, lasting for about six to nine months.

Advanced Tooth Power Whitening

A little tooth stain makes a huge difference to your smile’s appearance. With the Advanced Power Tooth Whitening treatment, your local dental practice uses a state of the art whitening lamp that allows you to have a pearly white smile in under an hour.

The most common tooth whitening treatment is the straightforward bleaching treatment. This home treatment, however, normally takes four weeks to achieve the results. The innovative whitening lamp, on the other hand, gives you instant results — and you only need to spend an hour in your local dental practice.

Why let your teeth and self-esteem suffer because of teeth stains or misaligned teeth? Make the most of the modern dentistry through the mentioned subtle services.