Tattoos Designs and Their Meanings

a back tattooWouldn’t it be so nice to express your personality with an image? When getting a tattoo, you can choose to make it permanent or temporary, it all depends on how committed you are. If you have a permanent tattoo, but you want to remove it later, you could search for tattoo removal services even in Salt Lake City, Utah. So it’s best to make certain that you are committed to this image all your life; if you are only momentarily attracted to the image but unsure of making it permanent, it’s best to use a temporary tattoo.

Knowing the meaning of a tattoo will help you make the right decision of a tattoo design. Ancient peoples, such as the Egyptians, even used tattoos as magical healing symbols. Even to the present day, we understand the value of imagery to society. Here are some common tattoo designs and their meanings.

1. Butterfly

Butterflies represent transformation, rebirth, change and most of all beauty. The transition from caterpillar to butterfly represents all of these. The Japanese also believe that a butterfly tattoo stands for a person’s soul. For the Chinese, two butterflies represent love.

2. Lion

For many Asian cultures, a lion represents honor, courage, and justice. In Europe, a lion represents strength and bravery. A combination of a lion and dragon symbolizes authority and power. The combination also represents a balance between the feminine and masculine.

3. Lizard

A lizard’s agility and regenerative properties make them ideal symbols for immortality. The tribal lizard tattoo expresses one’s connection to their ancestors. The Haida people associate lizard tattoos with spirituality.

A chameleon tattoo, on the other hand, represents one’s natural ability to blend with the environment and new circumstances. A gecko symbolizes agility, renewal, and cunning.

4. Clocks

Time is something people value. Clocks represent the passage of time, the past, or even the future. A melting clock signifies a different experience of time. A flower clock represents everlasting love. The skull clock is very popular among tattoo enthusiasts; it represents mortality and death.

If you haven’t decided on what kind of tattoo you want to represent your personality and point-of-view, do some research on what the symbols and signs that represent the values that matter to you. Whether it’s permanent or temporary, choose a tattoo that serves you.