The Factors that Determine the Different Costs for Braces

Braces in LouisvilleAs you seek advice from one dentist to another, you will be surprised to discover that each of them charges different rates for braces. Just like any service or product, your orthodontist in Louisville, Kentucky will determine the cost based on the following factors:

The Cost of Materials and Supplies

Your orthodontic treatment will require a number of essential supplies, such as rubber bands, wires and brackets. They need to get the tools to use for appliance placement and removal, as well as, sterilization. They also have to pay the lab that makes the retainers and models. Furthermore, the quality of braces used by each dentist won’t be the same. The rate your dentist offers you will depend on the technology they use.

The Cost and Maintenance of the Facility

Some dental offices have better technology, use better materials and more innovative appliances. There are also facilities who have amenities and perks, such as cookies at the front desk, games in the waiting room, patient rewards, cooperation and timeliness. To make up for the comfort investments and to provide the patients better quality care, the charges will be higher. You are basically paying for the quality and comfort that you get.

The Cost of Staff Salaries

Probably the greatest expense for all dental practices is the salary of the staff, and this will vary between offices. If you go to a clinic that is bigger and has a more experienced team, then they will most likely have a bigger payroll. However, if you do consider a new clinic with staff that has less experience, you will be charged a lower fee. Besides the above factors, their profit will also come into consideration. All you need to do is to shop around and find an orthodontist that will give you the facility, staff and treatment at a quality that you are comfortable with and a cost that you can afford.