The Nineties Make a Comeback in This Year’s New York Fashion Week

Models on New York fashion weeksThe New York Fashion Week braved not only a snowstorm on its opening day, but a wave of nationalistic sentiments from around the world. It was all evident in one of the biggest catwalks that day, featuring an homage to 1990s hip hop by luxury brand designer Nicholas Kunz. Vibrant color baggy outfits and over-sized earrings with silver make-up, according to the designer, shouts out about communal activism and ethnic diversity, issues that are increasingly relevant in the Trump era.

Stylish shout-outs

In the spirit of activism, the ever-ageless Anna Wintour was seen wearing pink pins to stylishly underscore her support for Planned Parenthood, a movement that has been targeted by anti-abortion advocates lately. Tadashi Shoji celebrated diversity in his own way with a collection fit for “any size, any woman, any country.” To him, that is exactly what this year’s NYFW was all about. Shoji’s models wore tea-length chiffon dresses with long bell sleeves and sheer necklines.

Other messages from the 90s

As strong hip-hop messages graced the runway, botox probably filled the room – another big thing from the 90s. It’s no secret for celebrity cosmetologists like Dr. Leslie Gerstman, and it’s a decades-old tradition to look flawless at the front row. High-profile figures prepare at least a month ahead so as not to risk that plastic look on the big day. And it’s not at all just a choice among Gen Xs these days. Millenials are flocking to botox for the love of video and live stream success, as well as to avoid wrinkles at a later age. Just as how the 90s style evokes a sense of ethnic diversity and equality, vanity becomes an equally powerful tool in the pursuit of independent success.

Under the spotlights, everyone is on point, and the annual event delivered one of the most honest messages in the fashion world.