The Problem of Missing Teeth

Man with Missing ToothAre you one of millions of people in the UK with failing crowns, decayed teeth and dental pain? Is the thought of losing your teeth and wearing full dentures for the rest of your life the stuff of nightmares? There is an effective alternative to dentures, provided by dentists across Basingstoke, including at Glenholme Dental: dental implants.

Problems caused by tooth loss

The problems caused by missing teeth can have significant effects your life. What used to be done without much thought, such as smiling, eating, and speaking, can suddenly become challenging when teeth are lost. The search for a quick fix to missing teeth normally leads to the use of dentures, but traditional dentures can bring on more problems such as discomfort and slippage. Jawbone deterioration is another consequence of tooth loss, which can cause your face to take on a more aged appearance.

The solution

Dental implants provide an effective solution for problems caused by missing teeth. They replace the tooth root and in doing so help prevent jawbone deterioration. However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having months without teeth while waiting for the implants to fully heal. Traditional dental implants need this time before they completely fuse with the surrounding tissue. Only after this can replacement teeth be attached.

Fortunately, today same day implants are available. Depending on your particular case, same day implants can restore your smile in, as the name suggests, a single day.

Dental implant treatment, same day or otherwise, is performed under local anaesthetic. However if you feel particularly anxious about dental surgery, you can also have sedation to help relax you.

They can effectively reconstruct one tooth, several teeth or even a whole mouthful of teeth. What’s more a single dental implant provides a stable foundation for the attachment of multiple replacement teeth.

Say goodbye to your traditional dentures

With dental implants, you will have no more embarrassing moments with slipping or clicking dentures. There will also be no need to remove dentures for cleaning after meals. You won’t have to hide your smile anymore, will be able to laugh freely with confidence and enjoy an array of foods that you may have otherwise avoided when wearing dentures.