The Secrets to Long and Healthy Hair

woman having her long and beautiful hair braidedFor many, their hair is their crowning glory. It is what people first notice about you so you want to keep your locks touchable, soft and silky. The reality is, with little time on your hands, maintaining long and healthy hair becomes difficult. Styling and keeping your hair healthy becomes an inconvenient task when you’re always on the go. Here are some tips you can follow:

Improve your shower routine

Over-washing your hair can result in dryness; the less you shampoo, the more hydrated your hair and less brittle as it grows. Instead of washing your hair regularly, opt for sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate is a common foaming ingredient in cleaning and cosmetic products; it helps loosen the sebum and grease from your scalp and hair. However, when used excessively, sulfates can cause harmful effects such as skin damage.

Style your hair carefully

Using a hairbrush can actually do more damage. Combing your hair with a brush causes split ends; using a wide-tooth comb is better for removing your tangles. When you’re blow-drying your hair with a brush, don’t pull too hard on your hair, this will prevent the hair from breaking.

Choose your hair products wisely. If you’re struggling with hair fall, you might want to purchase a hair growing lotion to improve your locks. Also, if you regularly apply heat to your hair from blow-drying or straightening it, you might want to buy serums or oils to protect your hair from the heat.

Monitor your hair’s health

Everyone wants healthy hair. Check the medicines you’re taking. Some birth-control pills cause hair thinning and though it might not be the direct reason why changes in a woman’s hormones can still yield hair loss. Also, consider drinking supplements. These supplements or vitamins are made of ingredients that increase hair hydration and reduce breakage.

Keeping your hair isn’t difficult when you start small. When changing or improving your hair care routine, make sure that the products you’re using suit your hair’s needs.