The Tooth Hurts: 3 Ways Your Teeth Are Making You Look Older

close up of older woman smilingGood teeth aren’t just good for eating and scoring a date. It could also make you look younger. Most people perceive one’s age, not just on the fine lines or wrinkles drawn in the face, but also on the condition of teeth. It’s no secret that as people age, the teeth become worn down. That’s why many people think that someone is way older than they are when they have a poor smile.

Here are the ways your teeth can make you look older, and how you can “turn back the clock” and achieve a younger-looking smile:

Discolored Teeth

Yellow teeth are often associated with aging because as people get older, the protective layer of the tooth called the enamel wears away. This exposes the dentin, which is yellow in color. But there are other ways you could be discoloring your teeth. According to dentists in Meridian, drinking coffee or wine is one. Smoking may contribute to this problem, as well.

One of the treatments recommended for this dental issue is professional teeth whitening. Dentists use safe, high-quality bleaching agents to restore your pearly whites. Some recommend veneers, a thin, tooth-like material placed over a discolored tooth. Ask your cosmetic dentist about it. Scott W. Grant, DMD and other Meridian experts can give you advice on which treatments are best for you.

Worn Down Teeth

If you notice, younger people have teeth that are curved at the edges. Older people tend to have flattened ones. This is because of tooth wear. But same with discolored teeth, there are other ways you could be prematurely wearing your teeth down. For instance, people who have teeth grinding habits and consume soda frequently are more prone to tooth wear.

Dentists perform enamel reshaping for this type of problem. They use dental drills or lasers, so they could shape the flat edges of the worn down teeth. It usually takes a half an hour to finish the process, so it won’t interfere so much in your daily routine.

Receding Gums

This is so common among adults aged 40 years and up, that some people even mistakenly assume that this is a natural part of aging. Again, receding gums isn’t just associated with age. Poor hygiene can contribute to this. Or, “overly good” hygiene, such as brushing and flossing too aggressively. Dentists do gum grafting to treat gum recession. They would take a tissue at the roof of the mouth and attach it to the affected area. Ask your doctor if you qualify for this procedure.

Are your teeth making you look older than you are? Restore that young-looking smile by addressing dental issues.