Three Reasons to Take Obesity Seriously

man joggingAccording to an article by the New York Times, the obesity rates in the United States continue to worsen. The epidemic is said to affect every demographic, especially minorities and low-income workers. This should be alarming for Americans because obesity brings health conditions that affect life expectancy. The article mentions that areas with the highest obesity rates correspond with those that have the highest mortality rates, particularly the South and Midwest.

Weight-related Complications

According to weight loss clinics such as MD Diet Weight Loss and Nutrition, LLC, the complications brought by obesity are numerous and affect both the mind and body. Fatty liver, hypertension, bone problems, and diabetes are just examples of conditions that affect the internal organs. Obesity also leads to memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or mental illnesses like depression.


Popularly cited causes of obesity include poor diet and inadequate physical activity. The former has been linked to low-nutrition food like fast food meals being priced lower than nutritious ones like fruits and legumes, compelling consumers to opt for the cheaper option. In other cases, the cause could be genetic, meaning one was born with a body predisposed to gaining weight quickly.

Economic Repercussions

While obesity has its effects on the body, it also has repercussions for the American economy. Workers who need to take a leave due to weight-related complications would affect business operations. If the worker is insured through Medicaid, a health care program funded by the government, the cost of the worker’s treatment will add to the expenses shouldered by the state.

Overall, obesity continues to be a severe problem that hounds Americans regardless of their sector or state. This issue should be a call to action because obesity complications target internal organs and brain functions. Because obesity affects the economy as well, this only further proves how one should start eating healthily.