Traditional Veneers Still Better Than Cheap Alternatives

Girl with the perfect smileHow much will you be willing to pay for that 'perfect' smile? When you will only spend anything less than what traditional veneers cost, you will likely receive a less than stellar smile, which may leave you with a sense of waste. You can experience all of that if you order clip-on or attachable veneers instead of the real ones.

Find out why the real veneers in Richmond are still your best option.

Clip-On Smiles

You can find many cheaper alternatives to traditional veneers online. These alternatives are known as clip-on or press-on veneers. They can cost anywhere between £11.62 and £450, and advertisements say you can obtain the perfect smile when you use these products.

A Hilarious Product

A dental practice in the US ordered a top set that cost $14.99 (£11.62), and the dentist filmed himself unboxing the set. The video went viral online due to the hilarious reality of the clip-on veneers. As demonstrated in the video, anyone who wears the veneers will have a hard time speaking clearly and will look quite funny because of the thickness of the set.

High Quality in Actual Veneers

You may be able to find clip-ons that offer quality, such as the more expensive variety, yet traditional veneers remain the best option. Whilst porcelain veneers can cost £800 per tooth, and perhaps more depending on various factors, they offer a long-term solution to discoloured, damaged or crooked teeth. You get what you pay for.

A More Cost-Effective Option

Clip-on veneers last far less than actual veneers. Imagine spending another £450 for a set of clip-ons every year when you can pay more for actual veneers that can last up to ten years. You can also eat and drink easily with traditional veneers. In addition, the real ones reign supreme when it comes to durability, cost-effectiveness and long-term convenience.

When you want to achieve a beautiful smile, talk to an experienced dentist in Richmond. You are sure to get high quality veneers that will be well worth the cost in the long run.