Tummy Tuck: Is It the Right Procedure for You?

Woman ready for her tummy tuckTummy tuck, also referred to as abdominoplasty, reshapes and tightens the abdominal area by removing excess fat and skin, which creates a more aesthetically pleasing abdominal silhouette.

Dr. Steven Warnock, top tummy tuck specialist from Utah, notes that it is a common option among people who have loose or sagging skin in the abdominal area such as those who have had significant weight loss.

It can also help reduce stretch marks in the lower abdomen that’s why many women choose to undergo this procedure after pregnancy. Age, heredity, and prior surgery can also contribute to having a protruding belly.

Who are the best candidates for a tummy tuck procedure?

The procedure is not for everyone, especially those who simply want to lose weight. It is not a substitute for proper weight loss, diet, and exercise. This procedure is for healthy people who have excess skin or fat in their bellies that does not go away no matter how much they exercise. It can also help improve the appearance of stretch marks, but may not completely remove them.

Additionally, people who have had massive weight loss tend to have excess and loose skin that is hard to eliminate naturally. That’s why a tummy tuck is the best option for them. And lastly, a tummy tuck is best for people who have always had a belly that protrudes no matter how much diet or exercise they do.

What is the cost of getting a tummy tuck?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2016 statistics, a tummy tuck costs $5,798 on average. However, this still does not cover the operating room facilities, anesthesia, surgeon’s professional fee, and other expenses related to the procedure.

The final cost will vary greatly depending on the location of the clinic or hospital, the type of procedure, and the level of experience of the surgeon.

Before deciding on having a tummy tuck, you need to set your expectations because it has certain limitations that you need to know about. Your surgeon will let you know if your expectations are possible or not.

Furthermore, a tummy tuck, like any other surgical procedure, comes with risks. Also, it does not come cheap, so you better make sure that the surgeon you choose to do the procedure is highly qualified and experienced.