What Would Suit Me Better, Dental Implants or Dentures?

DenturesFirstly, it is helpful to get an understanding on the difference between dental implants and dentures. Dentures are mostly known as being a full set of false teeth (although partial dentures and single tooth dentures are available). They have been the only solution for patients who had lost all of their teeth, up until dental implants that is. Having a full set of false teeth has allowed people to eat and chew food and speak with more clarity. The dentures are usually taken out each night, to allow the gums to have a break from any rubbing. With dental implants, the main benefit is that the tooth does not need to be taken in and out. This also allows for more confidence, as there is no risk of a tooth coming loose. The dental implant does require enough bone density in order for the dentist to drill in to it successfully, so it is dependent on a dental consultation.

Finding a dentist that you trust and feel comfortable with is always advisable. There are enough people in the UK walking around with dental phobia and so we don’t need anymore! Elmsleigh House Dental in Farnham open their doors to new and existing patients. They enjoy what they do and the reviews from patients reflect their enthusiasm combined with good customer service. Are you looking to replace a missing tooth? Or to straighten or whiten your teeth? It is worth asking yourself if you could benefit from a better smile, as so many options are now available to us.

Have you been for a routine checkup recently? If you have you will know that they do a quick screen for oral cancer. All cancer diagnoses is rising each year and oral cancer is no different. There are ways to help you keep your risk down. Looking after your oral health with brushing and flossing is always recommended. Some research is now linking diet to the risk of oral cancer. Do you enjoy that third coffee before lunchtime? It could be worth looking at your caffeine intake if you want to do everything you can to keep yourself as toxin-free as possible. So, swap your coffee for green tea and enjoy the difference!