What You Need to Know About Snap-on Veneers

A woman at a dentist appointmentThere is another option, a less permanent solution to your problem – one that Scott W. Grant, DMD and other cosmetic dentists in Meridian should be able to administer. Snap-on veneers are a great way to solve teeth aesthetic issues without committing to your dentist visits.

How are they made?

Getting you snap-on veneers is an easy, fast and painless process. The dentist produces a mold from your teeth and forwards it to the laboratory. There, they do their thing, and your work is only to pick them up when they are ready.

Mostly, the dentists will advise to call you once the process is over to save you time. Before you leave their office, the dentist should have you confirm that the veneers fit you perfectly.

What problems can they solve?

Traditional veneers address problems such as chipped and discolored teeth. Snap-on veneers are not different in this sense; they can also sort the problem of discoloration and chipping. In fact, they can even fill up for missing teeth.

However, they are limited. Since they do not tamper with teeth structure, they cannot correct crooked teeth.

Snap-on veneers vs. traditional veneers

So your question becomes: why should you pick a snap-on as opposed to a conventional fitting? Well, if you are interested in a less invasive treatment that gives similar results, that’s one reason. Secondly, due to their impermanence, they are excellent if you want to try out veneers for the first time, a little like orienting you before requiring you to make the big choices.

Like with many other medical things, the advice is always to consult with your dentist to tell if you are a good fit for snap-on veneers. They are a great way to correct simple cosmetic teeth problems quickly. No veneer type can replace good dental hygiene or healthcare. Sure, you will get a lovely smile, but you must also take care of your teeth.