When to go for dental implants?

Dentist showing dental implantsMany people may go for dental implants in Orpington to fill the gaps in their teeth and their confidence. But when do people need treatment? Overtime, teeth can get rotten and fall out. Either that, or accidents can cause the teeth to suddenly fall out and need replacing as soon as possible.

Why dental implants?

Dental implants are increasingly popular due to their long-lasting benefits, which means that it is easy for people to find a dental practice that offers dental implants in Orpington, such as at Orpington Dental Care.

While everyone’s teeth are unique, and different treatments suit different people, lots of people chose dental implants over alternative treatment such as dentures and bridges.


Unlike dentures which are removable, dental implants are made to act like natural teeth. The screw mimics the root of the tooth, providing a stable foundation for the new tooth. The colour of the crown is made to match the rest of the teeth, so it’ll looks and feel like the natural tooth never left.

One of the main benefits of dental implants, is that they usually last about 15 years, and sometimes longer. This means the patient can go on looking after their teeth as they would normally, and easily maintain good oral hygiene.

Preserving the surrounding teeth

Another benefit of dental implants is that they repair the missing teeth, without compromising the health of the surrounding teeth. Alternative methods of tooth replacement such as bridges, involve cutting down adjacent teeth, or hooking a partial denture onto teeth, which can weaken them in the long run.

Same old, same old

Generally, the benefits of dental implants root from the fact that implants are made to function like the original teeth as much as possible. Unlike dentures, where you are constantly reminded of the gaps, either when they slip out of place, or when they are removed for cleaning, dental implants act like normal teeth and will soon feel familiar and natural.

Most people can go for dental implants in Orpington, so long as they have good general and oral health, and there is enough healthy bone in the jaw to support the implant.