White or grey, which do you prefer?

Oral Dental CareThese days more and more people are being given a choice between amalgam or white fillings at the dentist in Soho. For some it’s a matter of preferring the look of white fillings, but there are also other benefits in terms of the quality of the fillings to be borne in mind when choosing.

Not every dentist does both kinds of fillings. There are some that still only offer amalgam fillings, some offer both and some have gone out on a limb to offer mercury-free dentistry at the dentist in Soho. These include PS Dental Care.

Keep more of the real tooth

One of the big differences between amalgam and white fillings is the amount of tooth material that needs to be removed. It goes without saying that all the decayed material needs to come out, but a certain amount of healthy material is drilled away too, especially with amalgam fillings, which means the sides of the tooth are stronger with white fillings.

Better bonding

Another important difference is how white fillings bond with the tooth. Amalgam is packed tight into the cavity but it does not actually bond with the tooth, so there is always the chance that decay-causing bacteria can squeeze into gaps between the filling and the tooth, especially as the filling ages. White fillings actually bond with the tooth material, so there is no gap for bacteria to sneak into.

Realistic chewing surface

Amalgam is a soft material and it cannot be shaped. It goes in flat and the tooth loses the characteristic mounds and valleys that a good chewing surface needs. White fillings are cured hard and can then be shaped by the dentist in Soho to recreate the surface of the tooth more accurately. It can take a while to do as the dentist drills the shape and then gets the patient to bite down on carbon-like paper to show where the teeth are meeting, but the end result is worth the extra work.


White fillings, which are made of composite resin, now last a lot longer than when they first came on the market a couple of decades ago.