Why Massage Therapy Is Good For You

Woman having a massage therapyMassage therapy goes back all the way to ancient China, India and Egypt. The process involves working on the soft tissues of the body by kneading and stimulating pressure points. A properly done massage therapy in Jericho, New York can have the following benefits:

Massage therapy relieves emotional and physical pain

Massage therapy helps improve lymph and blood circulation thereby removing the pain caused by sore muscles. Additionally, a study seen in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry revealed that individuals who were prone to depression and anxiety experienced decreased levels of stress after receiving massage therapy.

Massage therapy helps you sleep better

A massage encourages blissful sleep for both adults and children. Infants who were massaged were seen to be able to sleep more and exhibit fewer signs of stress compared to those who were not massaged. A good massage helps lower the body’s heart rate as well as increase the body’s production of endorphins.

Massage therapy increases your immunity

The body’s natural defenders against diseases, the white blood cell, increase after a good massage. According to a study, the number of white blood cells in the body heightened after massage therapy. A massage session also improved the immune function of individuals diagnosed to have HIV.

All in all, whether you received the services of a good massage expect your body to experience feelings of comfort and relaxation. Notice your tensions melt away and feel a profound sense of peaceful bliss after a good massage.