Why You Shouldn’t Settle with a Hard Toothbrush

Woman brushing her teeth with a soft toothbrushWhile it is true that using a firm-bristled toothbrush can give your pearly whites a vigorous scrub, they cannot clean your mouth better. It is only a misconception that this type of toothbrush can remove plaque better. The truth is they can damage your teeth and gums and make them sensitive. The same is also true if you scrub too hard or spend too much time brushing your teeth.

The goal of brushing is to remove plaque and bacteria without damaging your teeth and making your gums bleed. This is why softer toothbrushes are the better option. They can give your teeth a moderate scrub, promoting a healthier mouth. Powers Family Dental Care and other dentists in the Cincinnati area share a few others reasons to switch to a soft-bristled brush:

Protect the enamel

Hard toothbrushes may do a good job in scrubbing your teeth, but they can also wear down your enamel. The firm bristles can remove the outer layer of the tooth, revealing a yellowish hue underneath. This can also make your teeth more sensitive, especially when consuming hot or cold food and beverages.

Avoid gum recession

It is also common for hard bristles to damage your gums, which may eventually result in a recession. This can expose some roots of the teeth, which can also contribute to sensitivity. Receding gums also increase your risk of developing cavities, as well as losing teeth over time.

Better and gentle cleaning

Soft bristles can get your teeth clean just as well as hard bristles. All you have to do is apply gentle and circular strokes. It is also important to remember that if you have a plaque that soft bristles can’t remove, it is likely that hard bristles won’t get rid of it too. You will need to see a dentist for a thorough cleaning.

Some think that soft-bristled brushes get worn out faster than firmer ones. This may be true, but you don’t need to keep your brushes forever. You actually need to change them every three to four months. Keeping them longer would only encourage bacterial growth and poor cleaning technique.