Yoga in the Air: Achieving Serenity Zero-Gravity Style

yogaPeace of mind and serenity is achievable with feet planted on the ground. Nonetheless, did you know you can also achieve peace while dangling on a hammock with both feet up in the air?

The idea of Anti-Gravity Yoga came from Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer. The workout involves a series of exercises with moves inspired by Pilates, aerial aerobics and calisthenics while being done on a hammock-like apparatus. AntiGravity Fitness provides two meanings for this practice: yoga that plays within the laws of physics and an activity that shuns all graveness.

This type of yoga has a number of followers, which includes famous names such as Pink and Mariah Carey. In a recent interview, actress Gwyneth Paltrow attributes the act of suspension as the thrill seeker for this craze.

More than Just Yoga

The definition of yoga is varied and covers a vast range. Anti-Gravity Yoga is more than just yoga; it’s a workout that combines several styles. Instructors of this yoga hail from different fitness backgrounds.

Anti-Gravity Yoga adds something new to the traditional methods of meditation via stretching and breathing. It also shares a reciprocal relationship with its parent workout. The flexibility and durability your body from yoga helps you do it while suspended in the air, as Anti-Gravity Yoga offers a new way to cultivate one’s strength.

Benefits of Anti-Gravity Yoga

Other than being an effective stress reliever, there are health benefits associated with Anti-Gravity Yoga. A major seller would be helping out people with major back problems. As you’re hanging freely in the air, it allows your spine to lengthen. It provides a decompression of the spine through hydration and traction of vertebral discs.

Anti-Gravity Yoga also increases flexibility and strength, especially in the muscle and joints. It also improves balance, as well as boost your self-confidence.

Zero Gravity Cautions

As the activity requires suspension in the air, this practice is not advisable for women who are pregnant. People who underwent major surgeries, eye surgery or suffer from vertigo should also consult their physicians before trying this radical workout to avoid damage.